The compliance process is headed up by the Executive Committee and the Ethics and Compliance Committee.

In adition to these bodies, company governance is ruled by the Compliance Officer, the Compliance Owner, the Compliance Agent and the Process Owner. Check out the structure below:

Executive Commission

Ethics & Compliance Committee

Compliance Officer
(Risk Management, Auditing & Compliance Director)

Compliance Owner
(Corporate-wide comprehension-one person defined for each subject to be monitored)

Compliance Agent
(Key person of a process per BU –one or more Agent defined for each subject to be monitored)

Process Owner
(one or more defined for each area exposed)



Executive Commission:

Responsible for discussing the main compliance events and approving their inclusion in the annual internal audit plan of reviews to guarantee the process is suitably executed. Also responsible for annual budget approval and for defining the members of the Ethics and Compliance Committee.


Ethics and Compliance Committee:

Responsible for assessing the compliance process and improvement and adaptation proposals.


Compliance Officer:

Responsible for supervising the compliance process independently and objectively.


Compliance Owner:

Responsible for monitoring the compliance of processes with the laws, regulations and internal, policies and rules.


Compliance Agent:

Responsible for being the facilitator and guardian of the compliance process.


Process Owner:

Responsible for monitorng the operation of the area on a day-to-day basis.