Message from the Board


Within InterCement, managing risks and maintaining healthy and reliable control systems allows us to focus our attention on pursuing our objectives, taking advantage of the business opportunities that present themselves and achieving a long operating life. Doing things correctly, in the most ethical way possible and in compliance with the laws, regulations and policies that apply to our business is not the best example we can give, but the only one.


Chairman of the Board of InterCement

in InterCement

InterCement ensures that its processes and operations comply with local laws and regulations, and with current internal policies, rules, manuals and procedures.

The structure of our Compliance Process includes:

  •   Assessment of the impacts of the laws and regulations on processes;
  •   The governance model;
  •   Roles and responsibilities;
  •   Monitoring;
  •   Corrective actions.

The Pillars of the
Compliance Process

The compliance process in InterCement comprises three pillars:
prevention, detection and response.




  • Code of conduct
  • Policies, rules, manuals and procedures
  • Communicating the compliance process
  • Training
  • Terms of acknowledgement and commitment
  • Ethical line
  • Internal Audit and Continuous Audit
  • Compliance monitorning controls
  • Risk and gap identification
  • Preparation of actions for dealing with any deviations identified and monitoring their execution