Internal and exernal executives and employees are prohibited from infringing or disobeying local laws and regulations and internal policies, rules, manuals and/or procedures in any location where InterCement operates. Suspicions relating to violations are investigated and disciplinary actions and corrective measures are adopted, when applicable.

Internal policies and rules are widely disclosed to everybody, the objective being to supply the directives for guiding employees in company processes.

Code of Conduct


This regulates the relationship that professionals have inside and outside the company with suppliers, customers, banks, competitors, government authorities and with employees themselves.

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Corporate Compliance


This establishes the general guidelines of the compliance process.

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Corporate Anticorruption


This establishes the main impacts of the Anticorruption Law and the guidelines for avoiding acts of corruption.

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Corporate Relationships
with the Competition Standard (Antitrust)


This prevents the occurrence of violations of the current competition defense legislation and provides all employees with guidance on their daily profesional conduct as far as their relationship with competitors is concerned.

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