The Corporate Code of Conduct is one of our foundations as an expression of the essential principles of good governance.

It presents the guiding principles of our culture and reflects the standards of behavior expected of all people who work in our companies. The principles established in the Code of Conduct must guide all activities of our professionals and guide our interactions with internal and external audiences.

Our activities are based on fair, honest and responsible actions, not only from a comercial point of view, but also taking into account social and environmental issues in order to ensure market respect and compliance with current legislation.

Click here InterCement Participações Code of Conduct.

Principles of our Code of Conduct

To facilitate the understanding of the Code of Conduct, it was divided into 5 principles and each one gave rise to a short vídeo, called video pill.

Integrity and Compliance Standards

Internal and external executives and professionals are prohibited from violating or disobeying local laws and regulations, as well as internal policies, standards and/or procedures in any location where InterCement operates. Suspected violations are investigated and, where applicable, disciplinary action and corretive action are taken.

The internal policies and standards are widely disclosed to everyone and are intended to provide guidelines and guide employees in the Company´s processes. Click and access the Integrity and Compliance Program Standards below: